Wednesday, February 23, 2005

five points

.....about rigor mortis

13 & 14 of may 05. at 9 pm
museum of contemporary art belgrade

  • rigor mortis is crossmedia performance of group of artists gathered around the project
  • starting point is music - meeting the stage, actors, video, vocal, movement and drama approach.
  • there is no more story. it is caleidoscope. because reality is torn into fragments, than crumpled in globules of newspaper droppings. We spin the caleidoscope: looking for fragments of reality that torment us the most, as well as torment itself.
  • caleidoscope consists of 15 numbers, total duration of 55 minutes. each number is a separate whole: miniature which uses language of symbolic action and is based on suggestion, at the awakened associative line. deriving inspiration from trivial, inspiration for representation of our discrepancies, pressures, external “crimes” and inner “punishments”.
  • there are only three persons on stage; yet, there are much more roles. they have almost nothing in common, except humanity, to the extent to which humanity remains a sign.


obdukcija: rigor mortis is a crossmedia performance, gathering artists from the areas of electronic music, video, theater and contemporary dance. it conducts artistic analysis of actual social framework, as well as causes of the accumulated anger, charasteristic for the generation that has experienced its youth during the “dark” serbian decade of 90's. creative action's starting point is new edition produced by a group of electronic musicians gathered around the project »ah.ahilej«. unlike standard concert forms we are used to, »rigor mortis« is a special kind of musical stage experiment which use language of symbols and structures of drama miniatures, aiming to create a suggestive kaleidoscope of our 'fragmented' reality. it has become common to call this kind of approach interdisciplinary. however, we choose integrative model, in which the accent is on the encounter of different, yet complementary arts, on creative confrontation and exchange, with function of making the original piece of art.
the key question imposed by this performance is: in what way our personal roots and experiences interact nowadays to the trends of the expanding globalized world, in collision with deformed system of values offered by the market, invasion of yuppi-creatures and petit bourgeois social order infected by mass media? »rigor mortis« reveals symptoms of disintegration and rot, world with no creative charge nor potential, in a word – a dying out world. and they search for the causes, not only in the macro plan of major social changes, but primarily within 'small' personal human choices, that are sometimes decisive for true cultural changes, thus carrying a great deal of responsibility.
stage event complies of thirteen numbers, total duration 60 minutes. each number is conceived as drama miniature, with music and vocal providing grounds for a specific presentation of one of the painful aspects of our public, as well as intimate reality. the performance is based on principles of open and fragmented dramaturgy, allowing the audience to individually project the personal contents and impressions related to initiated topics. it is conceived as a collage of genre-pictures in which light, sound, movement and video find their common stage 'body', aiming to ask new or never finalized questions of each potential spectator.

project team

music : ah.ahilej
video : nikola majdak & stevan maric
performing : djordje brankovic, aleksandra puljic
nina lazarevic & jovan hadzibegic
coreography : dunja jocic
music poduction : predrag milanovic
directing : irena ristic


obdukcija: rigor mortis (onelifemusic)
minhauzen /savana (oneLifeMusic) belgrade, serbia
on the way…seeking (galerie st.barbara) hall in tyrol/austria
objektively weeker edition (free3else) belgrade,ser
home music (oneLifeMusic) belgrade, ser
super life (oneLifeMusic) belgrade, ser
little / mario & wario (demo) belgrade, ser



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